This is our truck. It carries the kayaks and gives us the possibility to start our tours where ever we want and to end at another place. You will see him always at the starting point! By the way: KayakBerlinTours doesn’t run a shop or office in Berlin. You can reach us on phone or by eMail and by the water.


 Katharina Resch studied biology in Kiel and La Laguna, Tenerifa, before she finished her diploma in choreography in Berlin. She is fascinated by the element water, nature as such. Being in touch with the forces of nature makes her feel connected to the essence of life.

“…feeling part of the nature and it´s forces and at the same time being in constant movement and in contact with the water which guides you through a very fast city full of diversity and information everywhere is a very enriching experience changing the every-day perception!”


 Tom Sehrer studied arts management. For many years he’s active as bike and kajak tour guide. Founder and leader of potsdam per pedales which provides guided tours on bike and kajak for years in Potsdam. During extended walks along the water with his new born daugther the idea and the concept of KajakBerlinTours became growing.

“When you are paddling, you soon get the incomparable feeling of being both in the centre of the city and at the same time extremely far away. Like a view in an other reality!“



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